what can we do for you?

Technology is an ever expanding bubble and no one company can offer you the world, not even us. So here at Ontrax Solutions we have partnered with two (2) other businesses, which follow the same principles and methodologies as us, to provide you with access to more experience and expertise to your business requirements.

At Ontrax Solutions we believe in keeping it real and honest and we will always listen to your needs and wants before we suggest a solution for your business.

Ontrax primarily offers 3 types of services: -

  1. Tailored Business Software solutions. Using the Lansa Workflow System as a base structure, we will tailor a solution that meets your business processes and expectations, and itís a lot cheaper than you think.
  2. Network and Firewall solutions. Whether you have an existing network infrastructure or require a new one, we can assist you with planning, purchasing and implementation.
  3. Websites and Ecommerce solutions. With todayís reliance on the internet you canít not be visible on it. We can help you with the design, publication and hosting of your website, so that it advertises your business and it can even help you offer online trading.

At Ontrax we always consider your future requirements, so why put in a solution that only works for you now, when you can have the now and later at the same time. We donít believe in the hard sell tactics, as everything is tailored for your needs and budget.

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