network & firewall solutions

With the diversity of today's technology enhancements and capabilities, Ontrax has partnered with CyberPro Pty Ltd   to offer you a commitment, not only to customer quality, but the ability to deliver Business Technology Services and Solutions you should expect when they expect it. We not only offer you the best quality equipment and service, but we also offer honesty and respect.

We consider Customer Service as a high priority in our businesses and we believe in building close relationships with you. We will ensure your solutions are implemented with a high attention to detail.

What can we help you with:-

  1. Business Networks Installed, Updated and Maintained - Microsoft and Linux based.
  2. Firewalls to block intruders/hackers.
  3. Backup Solutions.
  4. Email Virus and Spam Filters BEFORE your Email Server even knows about it.
  5. Internet Connectivity via Wired and Wireless solutions.
  6. Local and Remote Access.
  7. A Private Business Cloud.
  8. Smartphone, iPad, Tablet & Slate Synchronisation.
  9. VOIP telephony systems.
  10. Desktop computers
We have customers ranging from Small Business 2 users to Corporate Multiple Locations of upto 400 users.

At all times consideration is made for
future technology and business expansion.

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