websites & ecommerce solutions

Did you know that, as of December 2012, there was 634 Million websites available? Does your business stand out from your competition? Do you offer a product or service but haven't made that transition online yet. The process is A LOT easier and cheaper than you think.

Ontrax solutions can help you with the entire process from the Initial Consultation to Live.

Our commitment to the customer is to be open & collaborative. No hidden clauses. No nasty surprises. That way our customers swear by us, not at us. Websites with a high quality look & feel keep visitors interested and more likely to do business with you, whether you want a single page or a fully enabled on-line store. Ontrax will always develop a website or E-Commerce solution that will give you full control, we believe in providing you the direct means to update your solution at all times, without having to contact us every time. Of course there are times which may call for a more direct programming solution, which doesn't allow for standard user access to the source code, but this will be discussed before anything is done.

We work with you to understand your business objective, before we are able to build a website which genuinely fits your needs.

What can we help you with:-

  1. Web Design
  2. Web and Email Hosting
  3. Web Marketing
  4. E-Commerce - Shopping Carts
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