business workflow analysis (BWA)

Business Workflow Analysis is a management tool that streamlines, automates and improves the efficiency of business procedures.

Software solutions are generally developed to aid in the structuring and implementation of the business workflow, but they are mostly visualisation tools with few analytical capabilities; they don't allow their users to easily determine which information elements are needed to compute other information elements, whether certain tasks depend on other tasks and how resource availability affects information and tasks. Analyses of this type can be performed by inspection, but this gives rise to the possibility of error, especially in large systems.

What does this process entail:-

  • Employees whose everyday role includes the processing of orders to the handling and sharing of documents.
  • Experts with a vision of how the work should be done.
  • IT staff with an understanding about how the vision could be translated into a realistic solution.
  • A facilitator whose role it is to manage the project and keep to specified limits in time and expenditure.
It is unfortunate that workflow analysis, if performed at all, is typically not done until a solution has been selected and the implementation initiated. Don't join the hundreds of businesses which spend thousands of dollars on solutions which are not built around their workflows but the other way around.

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