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The IT industry has become very diverse, and with technology changing on a daily basis, don’t you want to deal with someone who not only understands what is available but will always treat you like a real person and listen to your requirements?

Ontrax Solutions is not just another ordinary IT support company. My reputation for honesty and devotion to clients has been the key attraction for new customers and partners who are seeking reliable, long-term IT Solutions and Services. I believe in resolving your issues as quickly as possible and Keeping it Simple. I only partner with businesses which have the work ethics, respect and approach to customer service which I do.

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Ontrax Solutions Remote Support via TeamViewer

Remote Support

Remote Support is the process of being able to access your computer or machines whilst not being onsite, allowing the resolution of your technology issues faster.

Ontrax Solutions

Business Workflow Analysis

We get to know who you are, what you do, where you want to be and how you are going about it and then help you define the process to move forward better.

Technology is forever changing and your businesses can either adapt or try to survive the future. Ontrax Solutions has partnered with businesses which follow the same principles and methodologies as us, to provide you with access to more experience and expertise to your business requirements.

At Ontrax we always consider your future requirements, so why put in a solution that only works for you now, when you can have the now and later at the same time. We don’t believe in the hard sell tactics, as everything is tailored to your needs and budget.

A Sample of Our Plans

Ontrax Solutions doesn’t really believe in standard pricing for everything. We’ll work with you, and within your budget, to assist with your Technology requirements. Here are a few ideas of costs for services.

Business Workflow Analysis

from $8000/hour
  • Targeting Business Workflow
  • Local vs Cloud Storage
  • Simplify Solutions & Processes

Project Management

from $8000/hour
  • Single Project
  • Sydney Metropolitan
  • Progress Updates and Documented

Web Design & Hosting

from $1k/site

Print Management & Graphic Design

  • All types of Printing Requirements
  • Basic to Complex designs
  • Quick turnarounds possible

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